Upper-Division Writing Courses

50:989:300 Writing Public Arguments (W) (3) Intensive study and practice in the rhetoric of argument; emphasis on composing persuasive texts addressing the public on a range of issues. Formerly Persuasive Writing.

50:989:301 The Art of Revision (W) (3) Intensive practice in composing and revising texts with an emphasis on developing audience awareness and a clear, fluid style. Formerly The Art of Writing.

50:989:302 Technical Communication (W) (3) Practice in producing usable, informative, reader-based documents in a range of media (written, oral, electronic) with an emphasis on collaboration and on communicating specialized knowledge to nontechnical audiences. Formerly Scientific and Technical Writing.

50:989:303 Business Writing (W) (3) Intensive study and practice in organizational communication; emphasis on workplace genres, including correspondence, reports, presentations, and employment documents. Formerly Writing for the Professions.

50:989:304 Introduction to Writing Studies (3) An orientation to theoretical, historical, and pedagogical issues associated with writing as cognitive, social, and material practice. Formerly The Teaching of Writing.