The English Department at Rutgers-Camden is happy to present a collection of current syllabi from the staff at our writing program. Use the links below to download syllabi in PDF.

BrynnBrynn Kairis graduated from Rutgers Camden in 2015 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Psychology. She is an English composition instructor while pursing an M.A. in Writing Studies. Brynn’s interests include 20th century American literature, rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, and disability studies.
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: Our Literate Lives

Russo_Ink_Square_2_BW-150x150Michael Russo is an English composition instructor and digital humanities assistant instructor at Rutgers University. He has degrees in both English and philosophy. He’s working toward a professional degree in digital rhetoric. His interests include object-oriented ontology, rhetoric as identification, nonlinear narratology, and cryptography.
Syllabus (online) | ENG 102 Honors: Object Research

Heather Struck is an MFA student in creative writing at Rutgers-Camden. She teaches Composition 101 and 102, focusing on writing good narrative, finding a writer’s unique voice, and research methods for good investigative writing.
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: Writing as Research

Monidipa Mondal holds a BA and an MA in English from Jadavpur University, India; and an MLitt in Publishing Studies from University of Stirling, Scotland, where she was a Commonwealth Scholar between 2013 and 2015. She has also previously worked as an editor with Penguin Books India. Her debut fantasy short story collection, Other People, is forthcoming from Juggernaut Books in 2017.
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: “Home”

avatar-defaultStephen Kopec
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 100: English for Non-Native Speakers

avatar-defaultErin McCourt
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: Technology, Literature, and Literacy

avatar-defaultTom Bertrand
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: Writing as Research
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102 Honors: Writing as Research

avatar-defaultCherita Harrell
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 101: Composition

avatar-defaultKevin Smith
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 101: Constructing Identity through Writing

avatar-defaultRenee Drouin
Syllabus (PDF) | ENG 102: Creating New Knowledge